Why blogs make the perfect PR tool

You may have the best product in the whole world. Your service could be far superior to anything that the competition has to offer. But if you do not communicate these benefits to the customer well, you are destined to fail.

The fact is – you are only as good as your customer perceives you to be.

Corporate communications and PR therefore become crucial not only to success, but also to survival. And no business, no matter how big or small, can afford not to communicate.

Blogging: your company’s true voice

Look around you – from small home-grown businesses to multinational corporate giants – everyone has a blog. What it is it about the blog that makes it such a popular marketing and PR tool? Let us find out.

It is so simple and easy to use There was a time when one of the most popular blogs in the world belonged to an Iraqi schoolgirl. The thing is, anyone can create, write and operate a blog. It does not take any special skill or even training. You will need to hire experts to create ads, design your website, translate your content and even print your corporate stationery.

You can, however, run this blog by yourself. You may of course take up professional help to make your blog better, but it is not absolutely necessary. Which brings us to the second point.

It is the most direct mode of communication You write a post. Your customer reads it. Simple. Actually, nothing could be simpler. A blog is the most direct channel of communication between you and your customer. There is no middle man, no intermediary. It is therefore not surprising that a blog is a far more credible mode of communication than ads, commercials and even websites. Research has proven that customers tend to believe what they read in a blog.

A blog makes you an opinion leader Through a blog you can continuously disseminate fresh content. Articles, opinions, tips, insights, ideas… it is always a good idea to share your knowledge with the customer. If done properly, the reader or the customer starts valuing your judgement. This trust easily translates into customer loyalty.

You are also seen as an expert in a particular field. Which means you get more credibility than your competitors.

A blog can fuel SEO With the launch of Google’s new search engine algorithm, Hummingbird, content has become king. The more, freshly updated and relevant content you have, the better your chance of getting a good SEO rank.

Many businesses link their blogs with their websites. As a result, their website also gets a good SEO rank.

It integrates your Internet presence Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, website, e-books… everything can be linked dynamically with your blog. It therefore becomes the heart of your Internet presence. It also becomes a storehouse for content that can be used in any of these media.

A blog can go viral A properly researched and well-written blog soon finds mention in other websites, opinion pieces, articles and even blogs. This way what you write on the blog can have a multiplier PR effect. So what you write today is read not by just your readers, but by many other people as well. As a result, your brand comes in contact a larger audience. And more customers.

A blog tells your story Your brand, your story, your way. The blog allows you to have a voice. And ensures that your brand has a voice. It is not the super-professional and impersonal tone of voice used in other media. Rather, it uses your eccentricity, your personality to animate your brand.

The blog can therefore, more than any other media, become the true voice of your business.

A blog can broadcast your message The biggest sale in the city. A new collection in your favourite designer’s showroom. A new product launch. Your blog can became an amazing medium to give the customer new news stories about your brand. If there are personal stories involved (say someone has a new baby), feel free to publish them. It will help your readers relate with your company better. Everyone likes a business run by real people.

More languages, more customers

It makes sense to speak the language of the customer. And thanks to the Internet, even small businesses can access customers around the world. As a result, why have a blog only in your first language? Why not speak to more than a billion Chinese readers. What about 420 million people who speak Spanish? Whatever your market, address it in the local language, or use English to go truly global.

When you get multiple language versions of your blog, you open up your business to exciting new possibilities.

A blog can mean more business More than 60% of businesses which have started a blog have reported an increase in their number of customers. In truth, the number is quite higher as many of these include companies with inactive or hardly used blogs.

If you are looking for a highly effective but extremely inexpensive PR tool, a blog is just what the doctor ordered.

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