Translation specialist trumps Jack of all trades

When it come to choosing your translation service provider, you need to be sure they are an expert in the field. That is, someone who specialises in translation and does not spread themselves too thinly.

Nowadays, many freelancers misguidedly think they need to dabble in a dozen different fields and diversify their services in order to survive. Having studied this approach for a textbook publication several years ago, I firmly believe that clients are better served choosing a freelancer who works exclusively in their chosen area of specialisation, rather than someone who offers a dozen other, often unrelated services.

As a client, it’s worth asking yourself why someone would even want to offer a range of other services, coaching programmes or products. Is it because they’re not successful in their actual field of work and struggling to make a living in their profession? As a buyer of translation (or other) services, that would make me rather nervous and set off alarm bells.

“The jack-of-all-trades seldom is good at any. Concentrate all of your efforts on one definite chief aim.” – Napoleon Hill

I would further assume that someone who feels the need to sell additional products or services might not be good enough in their actual job to make a living or might not take their own profession seriously enough – how then can a (potential) client be expected to trust them? Any established successful freelancer should be so busy with their actual work – be it translation, copywriting, editing, designing, etc. – that they have no time to dabble in other areas. If they do spend a lot of their time on other things, I’d question how much actual work they receive, and whether they actually are, say, professional ‘translators’ or ‘copywriters’.

As a professional translator myself, I chose my occupation because I love translation and I thrive on helping my clients succeed in new markets. I simply could not imagine ever doing anything else. When you partner up with me here at Kahli Bree Translations, you will be guaranteed to work with a specialised freelance translator who has not earned a penny from services other than translation and editing since establishing my professional practice in 2003 – something I’m very proud of and which is fast becoming a USP in today’s market!

I am passionate about the translation profession and excited to continue to assist clients go global in the future. Your business success depends on how you portrait yourself in your chosen markets, so be sure you choose a genuine translation specialist – not a Jack of all trades, master of none!

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