Translation and copywriting

Alessandra Martelli from MTM Translations is an English/German/Spanish to Italian translator who also specialises in transcreation and in the art of copywriting. Here is what she says about what differentiates copywriting from translation and transcreation (Source: Diversification in the Language Industry*):

“In translation and transcreation, you take the customer’s voice and messages to a new audience. In copywriting, you craft the customer’s voice itself. To do so, you need to build a different relationship with the customer, especially when it comes to small business owners. Larger companies are used to working with PR agencies and freelancers, or have an in-house marketing department which caters for their communication needs. But small businesses are different, and in most cases they just don’t think someone else could speak their minds more effectively than they could themselves. To overcome the challenge, your customers have to trust you will craft their messages in a way that explains why they are different and valuable. They have to see you will not sell them the old ‘the best product you could ever get’ froth, and they need to know you understand their vision, needs and goals. Therefore, developing your ability to spot the customer’s hidden needs is just as important as learning how to write sponsored blog posts or case studies.”

*Source: Alessandra Martelli, ‘Copywriting’ in Diversification in the Language Industry, 2013, p. 125