PR’s evolution over the past decade – Great article by Mark Thabit

PR Daily today posted a very informative article about the history of PR over the past decade. Definitely worth a read!

“Public relations’ roots extend back to ancient times. Around 1800 B.C., the Sumerians used primitive forms of public influence and communications to explain how to grow crops.
From there, the road to modern PR includes Harvard College using brochures to raise money for missionary work in 1641, the founding of The Publicity Bureau in 1900, Ivy Lee’s creation of the modern press release in 1906, and the Public Relations Society of America’s formation in 1948.
Over four millennia, PR has evolved tremendously, but no decade has seen as much change as the one we’re in. Technology has forever changed the relationships among brands, reporters and buyers.
Understanding our most recent history better prepares us for success in the days ahead. […]” Read the rest of the article here.