International relationships as an investment

Sometimes international prospects require a little more personal attention in the beginning. Creating a multicultural relationship requires time and effort for both parties. Having said that, the extra time put in can well be worth the investment. Just like local clients, international prospects can become very loyal long-term customers if they are happy with your products and services.

Once you have understood the needs of your target market, translated your website and marketing collateral, and adapted your communications, you’re ready to make that all-important first sale in your chosen country.

Follow up with the client afterwards and get feedback as to what they appreciated about your service and what they feel you could have improved. This information will help you optimise your multilingual communication strategy even further.

International clients will often be happy to be on the receiving end of such attentive communication as it demonstrates that you are very interested in serving them even if they are located far away. What’s more, new international clients also have the potential to boost your business abroad by referring you to their network, so investing in a proper communication strategy and professional translation services has the potential to pay for itself many times over.