Choosing the best solution for your business

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Public relations, marketing, advertising and communications companies, as well as small business owners who want to expand internationally, will need to hire the services of a professional translation service provider to adapt their entire marketing and brand collateral in order to appeal to the target market. To achieve this, a generalist translation agency will not be sufficient, but rather a translator specialising in PR, marketing and communications is required. Such specialist translators will have previous in-house experience in a PR or marketing role and therefore know your industry from the inside. Going beyond the basics of standard business translations, specialist PR translation service providers will have extensive experience in transcreation, copywriting and conveying concepts, jargon and colloquialisms from the source language to the target language, ensuring the integrity of each brand and company as well as cultural relevance in the target market.

Dedicated PR and marketing communications translation specialists such as Kahli Bree Translations cover all communications needs, from press releases and brochures, catalogues, newsletters and ads to slogans, presentations, websites and news articles, through to entire advertising campaigns, company magazines and trade fair materials. Social media related translation requirements, such as the translation of SEO-optimised blog posts or even status updates and tweets, are also catered for. Another important area for which a dedicated specialist provider is an absolute must is brand name checking in order to assess the cultural and linguistic suitability of your proposed product or business name in the intended target market.

In order to provide such services, it is essential that the specialised PR and marketing communications translation service provider is in touch with the latest industry developments. They must therefore be subject matter experts in addition to pure linguists. Very often, specialist PR and MARCOM translation specialists like Kahli Bree Translations will have set up a small team of subject matter experts, linguists, copywriters and editors to provide clients with a top result that goes beyond mere translation. The result is compelling content in the client’s target language.

When choosing your specialist PR and marketing communications translation service provider, make them a core part of your team and include them in briefings, give them access to presentations and on-site tours, invite them along to trade fairs and key meetings, and give them direct access to the relevant decision-makers to ensure they are intimately familiar with your business. This will enable your translation service provider to deliver top-notch results to benefit your business and develop your reputation in new markets whilst avoiding pitfalls associated with poor foreign-language communications.

Naturally, premium services typically require a premium investment. Given that PR, marketing and especially advertising content cannot be translated literally, prices for high-quality translations in these areas can be quite high. As in most walks of life, you get what you pay for, but if you hire a specialist, the return on your investment will be immense. You will benefit from a dedicated, trusted expert who is familiar with all your company’s products, services and challenges, and perfectly positioned to handle your communications. Such a go-to person will become your invaluable partner in all matters communication as you establish yourself on the international stage.

Many larger translation agencies lack the capacities or necessary expertise to familiarise themselves with your business in such detail and only have access to a pool of generalist translators rather than the subject matter experts you require. It therefore pays to opt for a smaller (boutique) language service provider or a single freelance translator who works with a small, trusted team of colleagues.

To achieve the best possible results, you will need to put your translation service provider in direct touch with your writers, creative directors, in-house editors and designers and allow direct communication between all parties. The fewer intermediaries, the better the outcome. Your team of in-house and external communications experts should also collaborate to create a style guide for your communications in all the languages you require to ensure your brand has a uniform appearance across your markets.

If you would like to communicate your brand successfully in another language and reach a new target audience, you should definitely invest in an expert PR and marketing communications translator.